Raceled is the first safety light designed to meet the needs of roadbike riders. 

As motion cyclist, your equipment has to meet your needs. Lightweighted, functional, uncomplicated handling and a stylish design.

The Raceled offers all these qualities in an outstanding manner. Look at all the features of the Raceled and be convinced that this product makes your ride safer in an intelligent way.

Attach the Raceled and entering dawn, poor visibilities, bad weather or passing a tunnel will no longer compromise your safety.

  • The raceled virtually merges into the look of modern roadbikes.
  • The weight: 23 gram! The raceled is the world lightest safetylight!
  • The raceled is permanently installed. You will never again lack a light while exercising!
  • 360 degree light coverage. With a raceled you will be seen from each side!
  • Easy to operate even with gloves. 
  • Made out of carbonfiber.
  • Uses rechargeable lithium batteries.

Transform your bottlecage in much more than just a liquid carrier. Make it an intelligent light device. Most of the modern bottlecages have a flat surface and are suitable for the raceled. 

Explore all details about our exciting product on the next pages. Because it is a new product on the market please take a look at our press releases page! Be convinced that the raceled makes your ride safer in an intelligent and efficient manner. 

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